The VOTSH Engagement Server
Secure, Scalable, Trustworthy

Beyond Print, Broadcast and Web,
VOTSH Apps Create Deep Customer Engagement

VOTSH enterprise software and our in-person connected devices are for brands and digital agencies. Our software is reusable, scalable, and secure. VOTSH saves money, reduces risk.

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What is VES?

The VOTSH Engagement Server (VES) is the first development and deployment platform for customer engagement applications. It is enterprise software for building engagement apps for iOS, Android and the Web. VES provides rapid reusable modules for creating auctions, sweepstakes, trading/ecommerce, voting applications, and media player capabilities. VES software comes pretested for large capacity use, high performance, and security. Create the campaign once and deploy to multiple platforms, brands, products, geographies and languages. A common user data repository brings engagement campaigns into the world of big data. Learn more…

How VES Works

Builds more effective campaigns for less money

Reduces risk without
limiting creativity

Single platform across products and brands

Key Features

  • Global engagement across products,
    brands, geographies, languages
  • Reusable modules
  • Unified data collection and storage
  • Speeds development and saves
    money while reducing risk
  • Supports major cloud platforms
  • Develop and deploy on a single platform

The Tech

VOTSH Engagement Server (VES) is an enterprise software creation platform. Your technical team apply VES to wireframes and other app designs and get source code and deployment files to launch the app on a cloud platform. The code comes with its own performance and security test package for you to surface performance, scalability, and security risks during the development process and after launch. VES supports the most popular development environments like Java, Node.js, IO.js, PHP, and .NET. Data environments like MySQL, Oracle, Hadoop, and NoSQL. And, cloud environments like AWS, Savvis/Century Link, IBM Softlayer, and Akamai. Learn more…


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