The V Engagement Server
Secure, Scalable, Trustworthy

Beyond Print, Broadcast and Web,
V Server Apps Create Deep Customer Engagement

VOTSH enterprise software and our in-person connected devices are for brands and digital agencies. Our software is reusable, scalable, and secure. VOTSH saves money, reduces risk.

What is the V Server?

The V Engagement Server is the first development and deployment platform for customer engagement applications. It is enterprise software for building engagement apps for iOS, Android and the Web. V provides rapid reusable modules for creating auctions, sweepstakes, trading/ecommerce, voting applications, and media player capabilities. V-created software comes pretested for large capacity use, high performance, and security. Create the campaign once and deploy to multiple platforms, brands, products, geographies and languages. A common user data repository brings engagement campaigns into the world of big data. Learn more…

How V Works

Builds more effective campaigns for less money

Reduces risk without
limiting creativity

Single platform across products and brands

Key Features

  • Global engagement across products,
    brands, geographies, languages
  • Reusable modules
  • Unified data collection and storage
  • Speeds development and saves
    money while reducing risk
  • Supports major cloud platforms
  • Develop and deploy on a single platform

The Tech

V is an enterprise software creation platform. Your technical team apply V to wireframes and other app designs and get source code and deployment files to launch the app on a cloud platform. The code comes with its own performance and security test package for you to surface performance, scalability, and security risks during the development process and after launch. V supports the most popular development environments like Java, Node.js, IO.js, PHP, and .NET. Data environments like MySQL, Oracle, Hadoop, and NoSQL. And, cloud environments like AWS, Savvis/Century Link, IBM Softlayer, and Akamai. Learn more…