Who We Are

Frank Cohen, CEO and Founder, assembled a team of experts to develop technology that brings passion, excitement and meaning to our lives. The team is based in five countries (USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, and India). Frank and the team are passionate about developing new and exciting technology to move a brand’s customer engagements efforts forward.

What We Do

VOTSH is an enterprise software company that produces technology that helps brand organizations and digital agencies achieve deep customer engagement. VOTSH software provides reusable modules for rapidly and efficiently building Web, iPhone, and Android apps and supports in-person experiences with Internet Of Things (IoT), wearables, home automation, and media player branded devices.

Our Mission

Most of us bear the hard effort to live by finding meaning in what we do. While technology makes us productive as a group, it only really works when it can also help us find meaning in our individual lives. Armed with the right tools we find meaning through storytelling, celebration, discovery, mourning, and myth making.

What would you build with a technology small enough to strap to your wrist and powerful enough to help you find meaning in your life? VOTSH makes well designed software and hardware to express yourself, present a gift to another, and share the truths of living to their community. A community of designers, engineers, fanatics, and business people is forming in support of VOTSH.

This site is a meeting place for technologists, inventors, creators, makers, and business people. We hope you will participate by following the activity on this site. Our spirit is to build machines that illuminate meaning in your life. Your VOTSH becomes much more than a collection of lights and sounds. It becomes instructive of where you have been and where you are going. Please, consider joining us.