• Tribute To Diane Disney Miller

    I built the new Waves device using the latest new technology. But I didn’t want it to make me do any work – I’m sure your life is like mine: busy! That’s where the community comes in. You see, Waves lives on its own. Tell Waves where your music lives and it plays music automatically. Or, have Waves run light and sound shows created by others. Or, when I’m feeling creative, I craft with Waves, program it, and share my creations with others. And most of the time Waves just does its thing.

    Last week I was thinking about an aquantance who passed away last November. I met Diane Disney Miller a few times at her Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. Diane was one of Walt Disney’s two daughters and simply one of the most special and wonderful people I’ve ever met. She inspired Walt to build Disneyland! (One of my favorite places to be.) There are many tributes to her on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. But I could only see them when my laptop is on and I point my browser to a particular page.

    I wanted to do something that would capture Diane’s sense of fun and creativity and something that would honor her family’s contribution to making the world a nicer place. I wanted something alive, something I could hold, something social, I wanted the whole community to participate in something that I saw as cool.

    Here is the tribute the community finished.

    You see Waves is a social device. Yes, you can sit there and watch it, and it will make you happy. But you can control the experience as a user or contributor. If you want it to roll over and do tricks, it will roll over and do tricks.

    This is a new category in social networking. I call it social crafting. Waves enables this. People participate, they mix the designs and creativity together. Waves is a connected physical box that sits on someone’s desktop or wall or wherever. The work people do in craft is part of the social sharing they do everyday. Craft becomes an extension of their social media and networking.

    Blogger Cary Preston wrote “Waves is a fascinating product — functional yet it encourages personalization and artistic expression.”

    I hope you take a look at the Waves project on Kickstarter and please consider making a pledge. And, please tell your friends about this page! Thanks!


  • Waves Is The Missing Ingredient to Bluetooth Speakers

    My local electronics superstore has entire isle devoted to Bluetooth speakers. You may have seen these. They connect wirelessly to your iPhone and Android mobile phone over a Bluetooth Low Energy (aka, Bluetooth 4 or BLE) connection and play your music.

    I asked a few of the salespeople. They said the speakers are selling but sales are kind of sluggish. Pairing the speaker to the phone is not brain dead simple, and its frustrating when it doesn’t work. The speaker only plays when the mobile device is in close proximity. And, at a very intimate and quiet part of the movie “The Chaos of Stars” the speaker started blaringly loud playing Facebook posting notification sounds, breaking the mood.

    The mobile phone just wasn’t designed by Apple, Google, Samsung, or Motorola as a home theater level multi-media machine.

    The missing ingredient in Bluetooth speakers is a dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) style box that plays light and sound shows, movies and YouTube clips (like Chromecast), and has an on-line community connection. With an on-line community the experience includes discovering new and trending movies and clips from your personal tastes. And for the truly creative types, the experience lets them create their own multi-media shows and earn royalties when people run their shows.

    Votsh Waves is the first product to deliver an on-line socially connected multi-media (light and sound) experience that is easily adapted by the Bluetooth speaker manufacturers. They just need to license the provisionally patented Votsh technology. It exists today!

    While you wait on them, take a look at the Votsh Waves project on Kickstarter. It’s at and ships to your home or business by the end of 2014.

    -Frank Cohen

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  • Is Waves just a beautiful artful novelty?

    Waves is immediately useful in your home, your business, and as a gift for friends and loved-ones. It’s a pretty light and sound gadget that sits on your desktop showing beautiful animated lights and playing music. It hangs from the walls of your home theater or office. And, it is a blank canvas for you to customize your Wave with photos, logos, and colors as the ultimate gift.


    But, Waves is kind of like the original Apple iPod. Waves is an entirely new computing platform. Waves already built an on-line community to develop new content, computer networks to transport content to your Waves, and radio networks to coordinate animation between multiple Waves. Waves will only grow more beautiful and more beneficial as it ages, just like the iPod grew up to be the iPhone.

    Tech Bar

    Inside Waves is a completely open and programmable environment. If you have a student, child, or colleague you want to introduce to the world of technology, Waves is an excellent decision. It is the coolest new Internet of Things tech. Waves is supported by the Arduino Pinoccio global tech movement. Waves is an Internet Cloud-based connected open platform with a distributed operating system, storage and transformation, and audio and visual display tech. Waves innovated the first use of sketch animation objects to drive distributed light and sound shows. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects.

    IllustrationsNew show content, effects, and functions come from the connected on-line community. Waves on-line community is for creating new shows for your Waves, sharing the shows with other community members, and even earning money by selling your shows to other community members.

    Ready to get started? Waves is ready for you!