VOTSH Engagement Server

Software for Brands and Digital Agencies

Meet the first-ever platform created specifically for customer engagement

The V Engagement Server is the first enterprise software platform built especially for companies that create and deploy customer engagement apps. These apps are the state of the art way that branding companies like PepsiCo, Kellogg, Unilever, Mars, and Nestle connect with their target markets.

In 2014, PepsiCo alone launched more than 200 apps in support of its global marketing campaigns. Should these apps fail to deliver an excellent end-user experience, it upsets users and their negative experiences damage the brands involved.

The V Server supports global customer engagement across products, brands, geographies, and languages. Its reusable software modules reduce development cost and deployment risk. It provides unified data collection and storage. And it runs on major cloud platforms.

The V Server uses our patent-pending technology to automatically deploy apps across a variety of Web, mobile, and Internet Of Things platforms. The V Server is commercial grade enterprise software that speeds development, increases creativity and saves money, all while reducing risk.

Driven by Customer Experience

Over the past eight years, the VOTSH team has helped some of the world’s largest brands deliver web and smart phone apps that perform great and are highly secure, even when millions of customers use them at the same time.

Working with these customers, VOTSH engineers demonstrated how engagement apps would perform in real life. Apps were tested under loads equal to millions of simultaneous users. Many failures were discovered and fixed before app users could notice.

Saves Money While Reducing Risk

The VOTSH platform supports testing throughout the app development process. It can also simulate deployment with no risk of a live failure. The VOTSH team solved security problems only found at high levels of load.

Importantly, VOTSH also saved jobs by preventing embarrassing and brand-damaging failures.

Our clients inclined global giants like PepsiCo and its many brands, including Frito Lay, Tropicana, Quaker Oats, and Gatorade. We also worked with top digital agencies, including Firstborn, Huge, Ruder Finn, OmniCom, and BBDO.

During these engagements, the VOTSH developers noticed something startling. They saw how engagement apps and back-end processes were typically built from scratch, used once for a few months, then taken down and never looked at again.

The V Engagement Server puts an end to that waste. The server saves money, time and missed opportunities.

Reusable Modules Speed Development

VOTSH has created five modules that provide core functions to engagement applications. Each module is tailored to the needs of brand managers and app developers. The modules include:

Auction – Brands include unique product purchase codes in their packaging. People bank these codes with the auction app. At times selected by the brand manager, an auction for a prize opens. People bid with their codes. At the end of each timed auction the app awards the prize to the highest bidder. Example: PepsiCo’s Every2Minutes Xbox campaign.

Sweepstakes – Brands provide product codes that customers register for chances to win. Module handles multiple registrations per person, age verification, location validation, and other participation criteria. At the end of the sweepstakes, the app awards prizes to participants. Example: Mountain Dew Game Fuel promotion for World of Warcraft.

Trading/eCommerce – Brands sell collectable limited-production designer toys and gifts. People use the app to appraise the value of their toys in an on-line trading community. People use an eBay-style trading system to sell their toys and buy toys to complete their collections. The brand earns a commission on the buying and selling activity. Example: The forthcoming Enzels site for Disney Vinylmation collectable figurines.

Media Player – Brands deliver songs, music, videos, and entertainment to people as a brand affinity program. The app delivers the brand’s advertising messages inserted between media content elements. Example: Pepsi.com’s Pulse Web site.

Voting/Polling – Brands deliver an ability to engage people in designing extensions to their products and the on-line community votes on the best designs. The app handles participant registration, choices to design the product, voting, and winner award selection. Example: Frito Lay “Do Us A Flavor” campaign.

See VOTSH In Action

The V Engagement Server is unique, built to meet the needs of the brand makers of today and tomorrow. Contact us for more information and an opportunity to see the V Server in action.