Is Waves just a beautiful artful novelty?

Is Waves just a beautiful artful novelty?

Waves is immediately useful in your home, your business, and as a gift for friends and loved-ones. It’s a pretty light and sound gadget that sits on your desktop showing beautiful animated lights and playing music. It hangs from the walls of your home theater or office. And, it is a blank canvas for you to customize your Wave with photos, logos, and colors as the ultimate gift.


But, Waves is kind of like the original Apple iPod. Waves is an entirely new computing platform. Waves already built an on-line community to develop new content, computer networks to transport content to your Waves, and radio networks to coordinate animation between multiple Waves. Waves will only grow more beautiful and more beneficial as it ages, just like the iPod grew up to be the iPhone.

Tech Bar

Inside Waves is a completely open and programmable environment. If you have a student, child, or colleague you want to introduce to the world of technology, Waves is an excellent decision. It is the coolest new Internet of Things tech. Waves is supported by the Arduino Pinoccio global tech movement. Waves is an Internet Cloud-based connected open platform with a distributed operating system, storage and transformation, and audio and visual display tech. Waves innovated the first use of sketch animation objects to drive distributed light and sound shows. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects.

IllustrationsNew show content, effects, and functions come from the connected on-line community. Waves on-line community is for creating new shows for your Waves, sharing the shows with other community members, and even earning money by selling your shows to other community members.

Ready to get started? Waves is ready for you!