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What is WAVES?

Waves – our first product – visualizes your music with its Bluetooth speaker, makes light and sound shows from your social life everyday, shares your fun with friends and family, and brings calm to your life with guided hypnosis with light. Waves naturally float on the walls of your home. Sit perfectly on your desk.

How It Works

Turn It On, Enjoy

Open the box, plug it in, instant light and sound shows. Have a second Wave? They talk to one another without wires to make shows even more interesting.

Hang It, Place It

Waves naturally float as mounted shelves for the walls of your home. They sit perfectly on your desk.

Make Your Show

Tune in your Web browser to control Waves and find a community of Wave users, shows, and ideas to share.

Key Features

Visualize Your Music

Tune into your favorite music and enjoy the show.

Light Therapy

Therapeutic shows combine guided hypnosis with light and movement.

Socially Connected

Had hard day on social networking with Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, FourSquare? Waves knows and changes to calming shows.

Impress Your Friends

Tune in your Web browser to make your own shows. Incorporate your kids sounds, your family themes, and punctuate the moments of your life.

Fully Automatic

Choose your line-up of shows, some to run on events in your life, and Waves does the rest unattended.

Make Your Own Display

Cut the light filters into meaningful shapes for your life. (Additional filters available.)

The Technology

We added Waves to a friends recent wedding. One Wave on each of 50 tables at the reception. Waves distributed the reception music to all the tables. Waves lights shimmered to form an animated red rose announcing the Bride and Groom’s arrival. Lights followed as they moved from table to table.

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