Blender Shortcuts

Blender Shortcuts

Starting, use Scene icon in right menu, Units, Metric


A – Deselect all

B – Border select

Right-click object select/de-select

C – Circle select, ala paintbrush

Ctrl – Left Click – Lasso select



Working with Meshes

Control A, Scale

X – Delete

R – Make a mesh bigger

Tab – toggles edit/object, to view vertices

Edge select – little icon at top menu, in 3D view

Select menu -> Linked Geometry selects everything around a vertex

Select -> Inverse

Floating White thing, you didn’t know what it does, is a “manipulator”, when you selected some edges use the manipulator. Hold shift key when using the manipulator’s white selection band, to make fine changes


Bend the edge of a cube mesh – Control B

3D Printing

Tab, A, W, Remove Doubles

Non manifold shapes, can’t print them in 3D

Edit mode, vertex select icon (top)

A – deselect all

space-bar, type: non manifold

space-bar, bridge to edge loops

Time 18:45, using bevels and pipes

Exporting an STL from Blender

Select the object and enter Edit mode (Tab). Select all vertices with A, then press W and select “Remove Doubles”. This merges any doubled up vertices that are sitting on top of each other.

Blender will triangulate your mesh when you export. Sometimes this can cause issues with smooth or curved parts of your model, so to check to see what it will look like, select all vertices and press CTRL-T.

Blender will only export the selected objects

Select all vertices in Edit mode and press CTRL-N and click Recalculate normals outside.

Shift D – Duplicate

Command = alt

Option = right click

Tab – Edit mode

In Edit mode

Box Select – B

Drag Select – C

A – Select All

Alt M – merge to center

Extrude – E

Size – S, then press 0

1 3 7 – front side top view

Z – Wire frame view

Making 3D Mickey

Drag object in Omnigraffle, export to svg

Blender: Select Info view, File, Import

Click on Curve object, then Object data

Geometry, change depth to 0.0125

Object>Convert To>Mesh from Curve

To clean up the mesh:

Mesh -> Faces -> Beautify Fill.

To remove redundant edges (and get an ngon), select the face area. Select the menu item Mesh -> Delete -> Limited Dissolve. set the angle very low to avoid loosing details of the shape, this will give you an ngon.

Create a box, can’t print it, walls are not thick, so

use Solidify Modifier (access from little wrench icon in right panel helper)

User preferences are in File menu halfway down

Choose Maya preferences, 2 places


Alt-R Clears Camera Rotations

Ctrl-P Parent the path to the empty/camera

Click on timeline, then i, to add a keyframe

Shift A – Add

Shift W – Specials

In Camera View

0 – Camera view

R – Roll

R X X – Vertical Pan or pitch

R Y Y – Horizontal pan or yaw

G Z Z – Dolly

Select both objects, then Ctrl T for track constraints

Plastic supply

ABS – for strength (red), leaches styrene into body, brittle, warps a lot, won’t print to scale, can do acetone vapor wash

PLA – for eating utensils and the like, (orange), corn, bio-degradable, not as long lasting, stiffer, nice tight tollerances

Nylon – (white) – good for ABS

FilamentSupply – low temperature PLA 220-225

Makerbot – temperature 230

Makerware, covert STL to print

Never use usb cable, use cards

Don’t set to ABS and load PLA, ok the other way

Turn ‘support’ on always

Infill and number of shells,

small 2-3 shells, 15-33% infill

large, 4-6 shells, 0-15% infill

most of strength comes from shells

infill makes the object strong while printing