What Is VOTSH?

VOTSH is an enterprise software company that produces technology that allows brand organizations and digital agencies to achieve deep customer engagement. VOTSH software provides reusable modules for rapidly and efficiently building Web, iPhone, and Android apps, as well as in-person experiences with the Internet Of Things (IoT), wearables, home automation, and media player branded devices.

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VOTSH Announces Engagement Server

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How We Describe the V Engagement Server

The V Engagement Server is the first enterprise software platform built especially for companies that create and deploy customer engagement apps. These apps are the state of the art way that branding companies like PepsiCo, Kellogg, Unilever, Mars, and Nestle connect with their target markets. In 2014, PepsiCo alone launched more than 200 apps in support of its global marketing campaigns. Should these apps fail to deliver an excellent end-user experience, it upsets users and their negative experiences damage the brands involved. VOTSH saves money and reduces risk. The V Server supports global customer engagement across products, brands, geographies, and languages.

The V Server supports global customer engagement across products, brands, geographies, and languages. Its reusable software modules reduce development cost and deployment risk. It provides unified data collection and storage. And it runs on major cloud platforms. The V Server uses our patent-pending technology to automatically deploy apps across a variety of Web, mobile, and Internet Of Things platforms. The V Server is commercial grade enterprise software that speeds development, increases creativity and saves money, all while reducing risk.

The Vision Behind VOTSH

Frank Cohen, CEO and Founder

Frank Cohen, CEO and Founder

Frank Cohen, veteran Silicon Valley technologist and serial entrepreneur, created VOTSH to improve how customers and brands interact online and at in-person events. Companies are using branded apps, content, contests and other media to connect their brand identities with customers, seeking to create a deep relationship with the brand.

Some companies stand-up hundreds of branded applications for Web, iOS and Android each year, yet each functions by itself and has a lifespan independent of the others. Many engagement campaigns suffer from poor app performance and security, limiting the effectiveness and occasionally damaging brand reputation.

While working to solve security and scalability issues, Frank noticed that engagement apps, such as PepsiCo’s Every2Minutes campaign, which implemented an incredible mini-eBay auction system, often lived and died alone. They were developed for a single run and then torn down, wasting valuable resources and stifling creative reuse and later redeployment.

Frank realized that software could be deployed onto popular cloud services as a development and deployment platform for engagement applications, whether deployed as online apps or for in-person events.

Thus, the V Engagement Server was born, giving developers reusable engagement modules, shared campaign data, security and performance assurance. The V server makes engagement campaigns faster to develop and deploy, less risky, less expensive, easier to reuse globally and more effective.

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About the VOTSH Team

Frank Cohen, CEO and Founder, assembled a team of experts to develop technology that bring passion, excitement and meaning to our lives. The team is based in five countries (USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, and India). With Frank, its members are passionate about developing new and exciting technology to move the brands customer engagements forward.

About Frank Cohen, VOTSH Founder and CEO

Frank Cohen is that unique combination of technologist, entrepreneur, and enterprise sales person who successfully builds start-up companies. He is often the “go to” guy when enterprises need to test, design, and solve performance problems in complex interoperating mobile, desktop, and mainframe apps and systems. He is the author of Java Testing and Design, the seminal book on designing large scale apps for performance. He has endorsements from from PepsiCo, BestBuy, Deutsche Bank, and McKesson. Frank is Founder of Appvance Inc. (formerly PushToTest.) He also is CEO and Founder of VOTSH Inc. He holds two patents pending and three provisional patents.

For the past 35 years, Frank has led some of the software industry’s most successful products, including Norton Antivirus, Oracle/Sun Community Server, and Apple’s first Internet browser products and software. He began his career by writing operating systems for microcomputers in the 1980’s, helped establish video games as an industry, established the Symantec Norton Utilities franchise, led Apple’s efforts into middleware and Internet technologies, and helped start the first Internet ecommerce site (