• Votsh Prima – a Votsh reference implementation

    Votsh Prima is the first Votsh hardware and software reference implementation. Others will come after Prima establishes the basics of the Votsh platform. Prima is a software enabled watch.

    Prima lives in an age of smart mobile devices (iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.) It is important that Votsh delivers an innovative, well designed, and secure platform. The platform consists of an integrated development environment (IDE) for writing Votsh apps, app marketplace for distributing and charging for apps, a simple and low-cost hardware platform using ePaper display, Arduino Mega processor, and rechargeable battery, and a communicator cable to use your computer for connectivity to the marketplace. The Prima hardware comes in a simple round pill-box style case with crystal. Prima comes with customizable designs to use a 3D printer to print the case and band.


    Votsh Prima is a pill-box sized cylinder, approximately 36 mm across and 10 mm tall. It includes a round crystal to seal the Prima contents.

    Inside the cylinder is a round ePaper display, round circuit board, battery, and Micro USB port for communication and recharging. Votsh Prima drops-in to a 3D printed band/strap.

    Votsh intends to sell pre-fabricated Prima cylinders and 3D printing instructions to the Votsh community.

    Votsch_Prima_Design_Requirements_1.1 (Adobe PDF 377 K bytes)

    Votsh is an open-source project under one or more OSI approved open source licenses, including the Apache 2.0 license and, in some occasions, LGPL.

    Please add your comments on the design. It’s time for you to get involved!

    Frank Cohen, Founder of Votsh

  • Finding Meaning In What We Do

    Most of us bear the hard effort to live by finding meaning in what we do. While technology makes us productive as a group, it only really works when it can also help us find meaning in our individual lives. Armed with the right tools we find meaning through storytelling, celebration, discovery, mourning, and myth making. What would you build with a technology small enough to strap to your wrist and powerful enough to help you find meaning in your life?

    Votsh is an open-source project to build a watch. The project integrates the leading edge of technology. For example, combining ePaper displays with 3D printers to create a case. It is a well designed kit of software and hardware that anyone can use to express themselves, present a gift to another, and share the truths of living to their community.

    A community of designers, engineers, fanatics, and business people is forming in support of Votsh. This site is a meeting place. We hope you will participate by following the activity on this site. At first the Votsh community will be concentrating on construction of the toolkit. Later, this site will feature notices of new activity and a place to make your watch.

    Even though this project is about making a watch, the underlying spirit is to build machines that illuminate meaning in your life. Your watch becomes much more than a collection of gears and springs. It becomes instructive of where you have been and where you are going.

    Please, consider joining us.

    Frank Cohen

    Founder at Votsh